Hirschmann Laborgeräte GmbH & Co. KG

Hirschmann Laborgeräte GmbH & Co. KG

Mission & Vision

Performance, values, responsibility

Innovative thinking powers progress. True to this principle, Hirschmann Laborgeräte continuously develops advanced problem solutions for daily work in the medical laboratory, research and applications in industry. The quality, efficiency and reliability of these maximum precision and technically sophisticated products are therefore guaranteed. 

However, a company does not live solely through its products, but also through the people and values which they embody. This also includes an environmental and social responsibility. Values, innovations and sustainability define the course which we strive to stay true to.

Our aspiration: closeness to people

We are proud of the close relationship we have developed in the almost 50 year history of Hirschmann Laborgeräte to the countries, regions and business environment in which we are active as an enterprise, and we have anchored this self-conception with appropriate firmness in our guiding principles:

Environmental protection

Protection of the environment, careful use of resources are values on which our employees orient themselves. Hirschmann Laborgeräte introduced the DIN ISO 14001 and EMAS environmental management systems as early as 2004.

Social responsibility

Sustainability also means creating perspectives for coming generations. We at Hirschmann Laborgeräte are very aware of our social responsibility. We provide our employees with comprehensive social benefits and emphasise the importance of achieving compatibility between family and career. This has led us, in cooperation with other companies, to initiate the construction of a day care facility for children in which we will be able to provide places for our employees' children in future.  The focus of our other social commitments lies in projects in educational and social areas.  For example, we can open up new perspectives for young people through financial support and services.


We have always borne our responsibility. This attitude is traditionally firmly anchored in our enterprise and occupies an important place in our corporate culture. Everybody working at Hirschmann Laborgeräte bears a responsibility. Because wherever our products are used, people place their trust in us. We do not regard this responsibility as purely a contemporary obligation, but also vital if we are to create a future worth living in. This is why we are committed far beyond the doors of our company: to our customers, our employees and society as a whole.


We are technological drivers and trendsetters in our sector. Again and again, we have developed outstanding products and problem solutions. We will also continue to shape technological progress in future with the goal of achieving sustainable development.


Top quality

We offer top quality and strive to achieve perfection in all company areas. The motto behind our actions is: "Nothing is so good that it can't be improved."


We work in lean structures and processes and place an emphasis on achieving maximum material and work efficiency. In addition to ensuring the efficiency of our actions, this also protects the environment and limited resources. 


We are a reliable business partner. Our products are easy to use, have a long service life and are future-proof. Our sales personnel foster a close relationship with customers and provide sound technical advice. Our deliveries can be relied upon.


We are an independent family enterprise, cooperate with our customers and suppliers in a spirit of partnership and believe in fairness with the aim of achieving mutual success. We are completely aware of the value of people in the company and communicate in an open and trustworthy fashion. We work together with dedication to achieve our goals.  We offer competent employees with a willingness to perform and achieve the best of opportunities to further themselves.