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labopette®, fixed, single channel

labopette®, fix, single-channelled pipette with fixed volume configuration, certified conformity, with tip ejection and calibration option, CE pursuant to IVD 98/79 EC, suitable for steam sterilisation up to 121°C, delivery complete with calibration tool and pipette holder, with individual serial number and calibration certificate.


Manual single and multi-channelled pipette, autoclavable


Low exertion level, reliable pipetting - the labopette® is distinguished by superior ergonomic characteristics, right down to the smallest detail. The entire working process is optimised in the case of the labopette® to ensure non-fatiguing work that places a minimum of stress on your joints. A special tension spring mechanism considerably reduces the level of exertion required when compared to conventional pipettes. The trigger grip ensures a firm but relaxed hold during pipetting.  Tip ejection is deliberately separated from the pipetting button to avoid unintentional ejection. The sophisticated ergonomic design of the handle offers an equally firm, comfortable hold for large and small hands, right and left-handed users and hands with or without gloves. Effective thermal insulation of the unit interior prevents hand heat penetrating into the interior of the unit.


The labopette® is available in the following variants 

  • labopette® fix, single-channelled pipette with fixed volume configuration;
  • labopette® variable, single-channelled pipette with variable volume configuration;
  • labopette® multi-channel, multi-channelled pipette with variable volume configuration, for 96 microtiter plates.


Overview of details

  • Completely autoclavable without dismantling
  • Volumes from 0.1 µl to 10,000 µl
  • Volume configuration with digital locking feature
  • With tip ejection and calibration option
  • Tip seal and safety filter to prevent contamination
  • Individual serial number
  • Certified conformity

Code-No. Description  
9475501 labopette manual, 5 µl fix
9475502 labopette manual, 10 µl fix
9475503 labopette manual, 20 µl fix
9475504 labopette manual, 25 µl fix
9475505 labopette manual, 50 µl fix
9475506 labopette manual, 100 µl fix
9475507 labopette manual, 200 µl fix
9475508 labopette manual, 250 µl fix
9475509 labopette manual, 500 µl fix
9475510 labopette manual, 1000 µl fix
9475511 labopette manual, 2000 µl fix
9475512 labopette manual, 5000 µl fix
9475513 labopette manual, 10 ml fix